About us

Since 2015, Greifswald hilft has offered structure to those who independently and voluntarily wish to engage in the struggle for the rights and freedoms of asylum-seekers. We consider our work from a political perspective as a collective fight for the equal rights of all people. For this purpose, we have laid out some of our guiding ideas:

We want to achieve long-term structure with Greifswald hilft. This goal is to be realized through networking with already-existing external structures. The implementation of ideas and projects will be made possible through such structures. Furthermore, we want to support people independently from institutions. The goal is to provide such support through direct help or time spend collectively.

Greifswald hilft wants to actively shape public discourse in a way that draws attention to problems through political positioning and public relations.

Greifswald hilft provides the framework for people who are not yet active to become accustomed to political structures and political work.

Through political action, active anti-racism and education, Greifswald hilft wants to contribute to a better societal climate and to counterbalance current political sentiments.