Pro Bleiberecht

Pro Bleiberecht in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern is an association of socially engaged players who together and voluntarily support asylum seekers in the federal state. Since 2017, associations such as Rostock hilft, Flüchtlingshilfe Schwerin and Greifswald hilft along with other voluntary action groups and engaged individuals organize themselves into Pro Bleiberecht.

The people who have met at Pro Bleiberecht are connected by the following common concern: Although increasingly more asylum seekers live in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, their situation and the challenges they face have in many ways remained the same. This is what Pro Bleiberecht strives to change.

Asylum seekers need opportunities to raise their voices and to take part in decision-making. Essentially, they need a political voice. Pro Bleiberecht wants to make these voices audible and to criticize new restrictive laws as well as the abundance of obstacles asylum-seekers face in general. Pro Bleiberecht would like to illuminate for the local population the reasons why people flee to Germany. Pro Bleiberecht welcomes the people who are currently arriving as well as those who have already arrived with solidarity and respect.

Millions of people flee from war, poverty, dictatorship and oppression in their home countries. Thousands must conquer, both literally and metaphorically, various fences and borders— and many are still stuck on the other side. The routes to Germany are arduous and dangerous, and the circumstances to be found on “the other side” often contrast expectations.

Pro Bleiberecht understands flight and migration to be phenomena of this century that resulted directly from compartmentalization and border fences, which claim human lives daily. Neither the strengthening of laws against migrants nor the closure of borders can solve the problems of our time. In fact, they only distract from the actual issues at hand: evermore poverty, exploitation, war, and climate catastrophes.

Equal rights for all! For the right to leave and to stay! No one is illegal!

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